I am a veterinarian and infectious disease researcher. Quite interested to learn about stock market and cross-disciplinary mental models. Inspiration for the blog title came from Bharat Shah’s interview to Capitalideasonline: “Investing can be exemplified by what is referred to as the ant philosophy. The ant is a very focused creature. If you put an obstacle in the path of an ant, it remains unruffled and continues towards the destination (or goal) that it has set for itself. Secondly, during winter, it plans for the summer and vice-versa. In other words, it knows how to plan ahead of the eventuality. Thirdly, it doesn’t despair during winter. In fact, it is working vigorously to plan for the impending summer season. Finally, the ant remains positive in its outlook and does its best even as it remains clued on to its objective. When summer is finally out, it ceases to remain inside anymore”.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there, good idea to have a blog. What you should do on a priority is have an Email subscription option activated. So that one can subscribe to your blog and automatically get an email update everytime you post a new article on your blog. Cheers, Sam


  2. Your thoughts should be of value to the investor and public at large. Activate subscription as also stated by Sam


  3. Hi, yes, it is working. Thanks a lot for activating the widget. Look forward to reading your posts.



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